Fraud is a deliberate misinterpretation with intent to deceive that causes someone to suffer losses. Fraud is a very real and costly problem in today's world, and is perpetrated by employees, customers and persons pretending to be customers. It is sometimes done by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed, Acts of fraud committed by employees often result in significant damage to companies sometimes beyond the direct financial losses of the fraud act.

When a company is the victim of fraud, thoroughly understanding how and by whom it was victimized is essential in order to recover the loss and/or prevent fraudulent activity form concurring again. It is also important to understand that making hasty decisions when fraud is suspected or discovered can prejudice the eventual outcome and even increase the loss to your business.

Frontier Security has a broad and seasoned experience in conducting fraud investigations in the Caribbean. Our team of experienced fraud investigators work to determine whether fraud has taken place and tries to detect evidence if fraud has occurred. We work with corporate clients in resolving allegations of wrongdoing and employee misconduct at ever level of the organization. We help clients to compile a comprehensive evidence file and where possible recover the stolen items. We also work with companies to implement policies and procedures to prevent future occurrences.


All Client information and communication with the Frontier Investigation Unit is confidential.

Frontier will not release Client information or communications to a third part without the express written consent of the client, unless ordered to do so by a court of legal jurisdiction to make such order. Our confidentiality pledge will survive indefinitely, unless ordered by a Court of legal jurisdiction to release such information.

We consider a client to be any person, who communicates with us, or who inquires about investigation services, regardless of whether that person enters into or does not enter into a contract for investigation services.


Undercover Business Investigations

Very often, Ghanaian companies find that they are incurring losses but with no visible signs of any external involvement. This situation often points to some type of internal theft or internal collusion. With internal theft, employees know the company's systems and often take great care to disguise their activities making it difficult to uncover. FSS's undercover business investigations help companies in ghana get to the root of internal theft problems.

By placing an FSS operative into your company, you'll receive factual, comprehensive intelligence about theft, collusion, embezzlement, fraud, employee substance abuse, product tampering and other critical concerns. By identifying and eliminating those costly problems, companies can save thousands of dollars.

In addition to security related intelligence, FSS's undercover business investigations also produce valuable insight about operational issues negatively impacting profitability such as productivity problems, time theft, lax supervision and flagrant disregard for company policies. This type of comprehensive information allows senior management to receive detailed, unbiased intelligence that they would have no way of otherwise receiving.


Very often when a suspected fraud occurs or an apparent burglary occurs business owners are uncertain as to which police department they should report to. After the matter has been reported, business owners sometimes find it difficult to get an update on the status of the investigation or to be able to quickly provide new information that they may have received. The FSS investigation Unit can help business owners to coordinate with Police Investigations. With several former Police officers as part of our unit, our team has the knowledge of Police operations and where to report your matter and to help you keep track of the investigation.


Unfortunately there are times when persons involved in domestic relationships begin to have doubts about their partner. In order to either erase or confirm these doubts it is sometimes necessary to have a private investigation conducted.

Our Investigations into infidelity or other causes of marital discord are discrete and confidential. We combine the use of technology and investigative skill to uncover infidelity. We collect and preserve the evidence and information needed to prove the cause of the discord in your marital relationship.


Unfortunately many persons suffer injury or loss see Ghanaian insurance companies as a source of not only recouping their loss or obtaining compensation for their injury but also as a means to profit from their loss. At FSS we are committed to the elimination of exaggerated and fraudulent insurance claims. we provide factual and unbiased evidence that allows our insurance clients to make informed decisions about their claimant's status. Our Claims Investigation service provides:

  • Investigations and Subrogation
  • Accident and incident scene investigation
  • Fraud and special investigation
  • Motor vehicle property damage and liability investigation
  • Homeowner property damage and liability investigation
  • Commercial property damage and liability investigation
  • Work Comp investigation surveillance
  • Harassment, theft and employee dishonesty
  • Our claims investigations services benefit claims operations by reducing claim adjustment expense and reducing claim settlement times.




Our employment screening investigations are an effective and cost efficient means to eliminate bad hires and protect against legal and financial threats to business income. At FSS our staffs are trained to look for red flags in your job candidate's background without bias, prejudice or emotion. We often discover discrepancies while performing background investigations. Our purpose is to gather the details that will allow you to make a hiring decision based on an accurate and complete picture of the candidate you are considering.

In conducting our background investigations we perform:

  • Personal information verification
  • Employment history versification
  • Credential Accreditation verification
  • Educational history verification Reference verification
  • Neighborhood Checks
  • Criminal Record Search
  • Driving Record
  • Drug Testing
  • We recognize that depending upon the level of stuff to be hired, a greater degree of details is required in the background investigation. As such we offer customers three levels of background investigation to choose from.

Level One Background Investigation

  • Personal Information verification
  • Employment history verification - last 3 employers are checked
  • Reference verification
  • Neighborhood Checks
  • Criminal record search

Level Two Background Investigation

  • Personal Information verification
  • Employment history verification - last 5 employers are checked
  • Reference verification
  • Neighborhood Checks
  • Criminal record search
  • Driving Record

Level Three Background Investigation

  • Personal Information verification
  • Employment history verification - All previous employers are checked
  • Credential Accreditation verification
  • Educational history verification
  • Reference verification
  • Neighborhood Checks
  • Criminal Record Search
  • Driving Record Drug Testing


By using FSS Background Investigation services in Ghana. You are able to:

  • Improve The Quality of their Applicant pool - A formal employment screening program discourages applicants with something to hide and encourages honesty in the application and interview process.
  • Reduce cost of Training and turnover - Avoid hiring unreliable employees and discourage dishonest applicant's form even applying.
  • Protect Assets and Reduce Internal Theft - Avoid hiring candidates with a history of dishonest acts including employee theft, padded expenses and/or unauthorized purchases.
  • Protect the company and its Reputation - Prevent theft and workplace violence. Screen employees who interact with the public, such as repairmen and delivery truck drivers.

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